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Transport Chaos

Our transport is broken. Increasing congestion on roads, bad air quality, overcrowded and expensive trains, bus services disappearing.

We need genuine transport choice so that people do not have to use cars as the default. If we had proper, reliable and
convenient public transport, then we’d see a reduction in cars on the road, and improvements to our air quality.

Promises around transport improvements continue to be broken whilst more pollution
impacts everyone. Labour have promised an integrated transport system for us, but they have never delivered.

Dr Mike Hamilton Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate for Newport East said:

“Thirty percent of households do not have access to a car. By not investing in a proper public transport system, we are isolating a huge chunk of our community. It has to stop.”

“The Lib Dems will reverse the thirty year experiment in free market provision of public

“We need to stop the Tories & Labour taking tax-payers’ money and lining the pockets of fat-cat transport bosses”

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