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Planning Application at The Glebelands

Greenhill Construction, the company which had applied for permission to build houses at The Glebelands, south of the Glan Usk School, is reported to be in administration. Nevertheless, the application is going ahead, for 248 homes, including flats and houses.


Newport’s planners say they will have their report ready for the June planning committee or, possibly for a special meeting in May that has been called to consider another issue. Lib Dem Councillor Ed Townsend and a number of other local residents have written to the council outlining the problems they see in the proposed development. These comments will be included in the planners’ report so that councillors on the planning committee will know of concerns raised by residents. When they make their decision. Ed Townsend will be at the planning committee, though he does not have a vote. At the discretion of the chairman, he will be able to raise residents’ concerns directly with the committee.

What Ed thinks about the plans

"This land already has planning permission for more than 160 homes as part of the agreement to build the Glan Usk School. 

Because the school and the homes were part of the same application - and the school element has been built - the permission for the houses still stands and will do so permanently. That’s the way planning law works. 

What that means is that there will be a housing development on this land and its access will be from a new road along the river bank. That is already included in the existing planning permission. Traffic concerns were raised when the original decision was made and the committee then laid down certain conditions that have to be followed. 

My view at the time was that the school should never have been built on that site and that the rest of the site was not suitable for housing. I still think that but can do nothing about the 160+ homes. However, I still have concerns about traffic, especially with the extra houses now being asked for. 

I have raised a number of issues with the planners and have summarised them on the back page of this letter. Let me know if there are others."

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