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Newport East

Liberal Democrats select Mike Hamilton for Newport East

Dr Mike Hamilton has been selected for Newport East. 
Mike was the candidate at the General Election, and has a long history of activism with the Newport and Severnside party.
Mike says “Once again into the fray.  We are living in troubling times.  Covid-19 is wrecking the lives and economy of the World. The Welsh Government has a dreadful track-record of strategic planning. A Welsh NHS with so many problems, they hide negative reports from the public.  Labour and Welsh Government’s record on the economy is one disaster after another. The Circuit of Wales, over £9 million wasted on a scheme which was always dubious. Remember the film studio supposed to bring money into Wales, ended up being subsidised by the Welsh taxpayer.
The key problem of the Senedd/Welsh Assembly is that for years we have been electing dross. The Labour second eleven, too stupid to get selected as MPs. The Tory MSs are no better. That bizarre UKIP/Brexit Party/change their name every week party just in it for the dosh.  Since its formation the Assembly/Senedd has never once had a 50% or better turnout of Welsh voters. If the Senedd is ever going be relevant then it needs new ideas, new blood, joined-up thinking and vision.”

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