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labour let down leads to councillor dismissal

Ever since the 2012 elections the people of Maindee have been reporting their anger and dismay at their lack of representation from their local Labour councillors. They were given a final chance by the voters in 2017, but that trust has been betrayed ever since.
One of the two Labour councillors for the area has been disqualified after missing every single meeting for the past six months. Some of this may be due to poor health, but it is a pattern going back years. The residents of Victoria need urgent representation now. The local issues are piling up, just like the rubbish and mess throughout the ward.
Maindee Liberal Democrats campaigning in the area said, “This is not good enough. Whilst we do have every sympathy for people with illnesses, it is not acceptable for someone to miss work for six whole months without asking for a dispensation. The Labour Party in Newport is in a shocking state.  They could have arranged sick leave at any point over the past six months. But our Labour-led Newport Council seems to think it is above the rules. If they had come clean with residents about issues, we could have understood. But people have gone for months without a voice.”

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