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Tyre firm drag their heels with danger building held up by scaffolding.


Kwik Fit, the tyre firm whose Clarence Place building is in danger of falling down and is held up by scaffolding, are turning a blind eye to their Newport problem. Newport Council officers are chasing them to get repairs done to the building – so far, without any sign of work starting.

Meanwhile, Ed Townsend has twice written to the company to ask the managing director or chief executive to take action – again with no response. Ed said: This is a real eyesore and it’s long overdue for them to get rid of the scaffolding.”

In 2014, Kwik Fit applied for permission to demolish the building and build a replacement. This was turned down because the proposal did not fit with the Clarence Place conservation area. Kwik Fit’s response appears to be that of the spoiled child whose favourite toy has been confiscated: Tantrums and tears, and a refusal to do anything.

Extract from Ed’s letters to Kwik Fit:

“It seems to be a relatively simple task to use the scaffolding to carry out the necessary repairs and return the footway to its regular users. I wonder whether you could look into this and ensure that repairs are carried out swiftly.”



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