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Homes not HMOs

What is the campaign?

The Newport Liberal Democrat team have launched their latest campaign: Homes NOT HMOs.

In Newport between May 2017 and August 2020, 278 HMOs have been licenced in Newport.

HMOs can be important to give people affordable housing. We do not always oppose them, because there are areas where they can work.

But where they make parking impossible, where it impacts on people's waste collections or other services, and where it creates significant challenges in the local area, we have to find a better way.

You can sign our petition calling on Newport's Labour councillors to change planning in Newport now.


How can we make a difference?

Currently, Newport's Planning Committee is toothless. It is scared of the Welsh Government's planning czar, and too afraid to challenge local officers. Local officers have to follow the plan set out by Newport's Labour councillors.

One way of changing the familiar story of HMO after HMO against resident concerns is to change Newport's planning guidance. 

This doesn't need a change in law by Cardiff or Westminster. 

It just needs the council to remove current guidance and replace it with new guidance that is fit for purpose.

If enough residents make a fuss about this, the Labour Party will have to act.

You can download a poster to print off and display in your window to show your support.


What are we asking for?

Newport Labour Council to remove their guidance, and rewrite it, and to:

  • work with all parties to review and rewrite local planning rules to ensure resident views are respected;
  • review HMO decisions in particular, to ensure all areas of Newport take their fair share of large properties;
  • remove the arbitrary and out of date density limits, which see some areas inundated with HMOs despite pressures on parking and local resources;
  • scrap the inaccurate and flawed "Lambeth model" for traffic measurement, and instead use resident feedback and experiences;
  • prioritise family homes and homes for young people in planning approvals by officers, rather than HMOs.

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