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Glebelands builder acts to protect local residents

Developer Darran Watts was quick to act when he was told lorries bringing fill material to his building site at The Glebelands were acting illegally.


Residents contacted Lib Dem Cllr Ed Townsend to point out that the lorries were using Corelli St and Collier St to get to the site at the far end of Herbert Road.

Ed contacted Darran Watts, who immediately switched the vehicles to the approved route passing under the Turner St rail bridge.

Ed commented: “Residents have been worried that large lorries would rumble past their homes in Corelli St and Collier St, causing damage and bringing danger to young children.

When Mr Watts was made aware that the lorries were using the wrong route, he found other, lower, vehicles to fit under the Turner St bridge. It will take several weeks to bring in the material needed to raise the site by three metres to avoid flooding, so it was important that the lorries were made to use the correct route.”

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