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Caerleon Road crossing plea turned down

Residents asked Ed Townsend to explore whether a crossing point could be provided along Caerleon Road close the junction with Beaufort Road.

Local people reported that there is no safe crossing point to the north of the pelican crossing near Haisbro Avenue. Ed contacted the highways department, who replied that they have looked at this previously. Here is their reply.

"I can advise that a crossing in this vicinity was considered a number of years ago. This was at a time when the budgetary situation was far more advantageous than is currently the case, but unfortunately it did not prove possible simply because of the physical constraints of the site.

Largely impossible

"The position of accesses combined with the width, gradient and alignment of the footways meant that it was largely impossible to construct a pedestrian crossing to current standards within the confines of the locality in question.

"Obviously this remains the case and to compound the situation further, the budgetary situation has deteriorated significantly since this was last requested. Regrettably there is now no identifiable budget that could be employed for the purpose of the provision of new pedestrian crossing facilities."

In short, they say it can’t be done – and they couldn’t afford it if it could. Let us know what you think.

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