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Bring Back Our Cops

Government negligence has seen crime figures rise, and only now with an election to buy do they find more money.

Crime had been falling, but now is starting to rise again. Last years’ figures show 11% more robbery and 17% increase in fraud. There is an alarming 8% increase in knife crime. Knife crime is now 80% higher than 2014. Knife murders are at their highest since 1945.

The police are responding to less crime. A 999 call often does not bring the police. Community policing seems to have suffered most, especially in the city. Whereas the presence of community police deterred crime, now we are into gangbusters, front-door smashing early morning raids. All across Newport and Severnside there is a rise in anti-social behaviour in motor vehicles –
local streets used as race tracks.

The government has been slow to respond. There is also poor local leadership, the Police and Crime Commissioners were
an enormous mistake, useless political hacks treating the post as a pension.

We have to put more money into community policing and recruit more officers, and rebuild confidence in the police.

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