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A Place to Call Home

UK housing is in crisis. We have a massive shortfall of 4.7 million homes.

We need to build many more houses, but they need to be the right homes in the right places.

Newport still has “Brownfield” sites to be developed before we even consider developing our “Greenfield” areas. The vision of an urban sprawl from Newport to Bristol needs to be avoided. Key is accelerating the work on the Llanwern site.

We also need the right homes. The lack of investment in public housing for the last 30 years means our social housing has largely become housing of last resort for our poor, whereas in Europe public housing is valued and lived in by everybody. We need new public housing as most homes are beyond the means of young people. But, we also need better public housing. Grenfell
Tower has exposed the cosy relationships between council housing departments and social landlords. Frankly the management of our social landlords is inadequate, as demonstrated by the cladding being hastily stripped from buildings across the UK. We need tougher regulation to keep the sector on its toes.

Let us not forget the private rented sector. In most of the world it is a valuable and respectable part of the housing sector. In he UK we need tougher regulation for private landlords, end sub-standard accommodation, and let us have some proper controls for “houses in multiple occupation”.

The Liberal Democrats are committed to a providing to providing loans for more housing, not only by private developers, but also councils and social landlords.

There are “825 homes for every 1,000 families across the country”
                                                       - Daily Telegraph 12/1/2019

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