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'We will invest £750k in our parks' say Lib Dems


Newport Liberal Democrats, alongside launching a campaign against neglect to local play parks, have revealed their plans to invest £750,000 in play areas over a five year period if they regain administration of the council after the local elections next year.

Labour councillors introduced a policy to completely cut the council's allocated budget for maintaining play parks which has led to local play parks being left in a state of disrepair.

Carmel Townsend, Lib Dem councillor and mother of six slammed Labour councillors saying “There has been no consultation with local residents, but they have made a decision which will affect them massively”. “It’s not fair and it’s not right” she added. 

Lib Dem activist, Ryan Jones, has spoken out against the damning state of Tredegar Park and its former water play area saying "It’s disgraceful. Labour have cut a service which is used by lots of families.”

He added “Play parks are a place where people with very little money can bring their children to have fun. These parks are used by families, the elderly and teenagers. It’s completely unreasonable to stop funding them”

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