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2022 Local Election Manifesto

Newport is failing. We hate to see it, and we wish it wasn't the case - but residents across the city know it.

Whether it is rubbish across the city, anti-social behaviour blighting our communities, or HMOs rather than quality housing, people know a struggling city when they live in it.

We’ve heard it across the city, knocking on door after door. Residents want something different. People from all parties, people who vote every year, people who never vote. We are all feeling it - a frustration, a sadness, even anger, at where our city is right now.

Our city deserves better. We need new ideas in the Council, new thinking, a different way forward. That’s what we are offering in the election - throughout, you will see us talk about giving you power. You will see this thread going throughout our manifesto. A clear thread of values based on trusting communities, empowering people, and using the power of the council to break down barriers for anyone who wants to make things better.

A vote for your local Lib Dem team will mean something this year. It will mean change, and a new start. As our city tries to recover from the pandemic, and from years of stagnation, we need to try a fresh direction.

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