Newport Bus Cuts

Bus services across the city are being cut. Residents from all over Newport have been in touch with their concerns and how the cuts will limit their ability to get around, especially in the evenings when the most severe cuts are happening. Read more

What they found shocked them

Mike Hamilton and Jhons Ramirez set out to walk around the Victoria ward to see whether the area is being maintained properly by the Labour councillors and by Labour bosses at the civic centre.

Crumbling roads

Mike Hamilton spent long hours chasing for Albert Avenue to be resurfaced. He said: “We had assurances from the head of Streetscene that the whole surface of the Albert Avenue would be rebuilt. The Head of Streetscene at the time admitted that the problems with the road were so fundamental that only drastic work could sort it. He has since left the council and moved on. “Unfortunately, after the election in 2012, the Labour councillors failed to keep up with the Albert Avenue problem. As result the road was only patched again, and covered in a tar slurry. “Surprise, surprise, barely a year after the work was done, the road already has potholes. How many more years do we have to wait until the work is done properly. AS WE WERE PROMISED.”


Drains blocked
In a tiny sample of only three streets they found over 12 blocked drains. Not partially blocked, but blocked to the top. Mike Hamilton said: “If councillors do not continually chase up the council’s Streetscene department (old Highways) then things will slide and resources will go to wards with councillors who do complain. All the faults (and many others) have been reported to the Council by the Focus Action Team.”

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