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The Great Brexit Scam

This election is the turning point. We can choose isolation, economic disaster and poverty, or we can remain part of the EU. You choose!

Brexit is costing us jobs, in excess of 100,000 already. If we leave you can expect more to follow. Airbus will go, and customers of Llanwern steelworks like Nissan are signalling that No Deal means No Future for the UK Auto Sector.

Our young people voted overwhelmingly to remain part of Europe, Brexit will damage their future. We would be denying them opportunities to work and study.

Newport East Liberal Democrat candidate Mike Hamilton said: “Boris Johnson is trying to deliver a disastrous Brexit that only he, Nigel Farage, and Jacob Rees-Mogg wanted, and they have been aided and abetted by fellow Brexiteer Jeremy Corbyn.

“We want to stop Brexit. We’ve been fighting it for three years. We were the first to call for a People’s Vote and we’ve led opposition to Brexit in Parliament. After years of letting public services rot suddenly the government seems to have found a magic money tree to con us into giving them our vote."

Are we really going to buy those Tory lies?

The Liberal Democrats are the biggest party fighting to stop Brexit.


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