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Stop the Tories Selling the NHS to Donald Trump

The National Health Service is not safe with the Tories. Donald Trump has made it clear he expects the NHS to be on the table in any post-Brexit trade deal.

US corporations taking over our NHS is a nightmare scenario. Of course Boris Johnston says this will not happen, but a man with a
toilet roll list of lies behind him can hardly be trusted. Boris’ biggest lie about NHS funding was put on the side of a bus, and he even lied about his latest hospital visit not being a photo op while a TV crew looked on.

What else are they hiding about the NHS? A large percentage of NHS staff are from the EU. It is estimated that at least 10% of doctors and dentists are from Europe. If Brewxit means such skilled friends and neighbours are forced out of Britain, and the recruitment of new EU staff stalls, then the current NHS crisis will be unrecoverable.

Of course Boris the serial liar is promising more money, just like he did during the original EU Referendum – remember the £350 million per week for the NHS. That was lies, so is any money he is promising now.

The NHS needs proper funding, not just Tories buying your vote. The Liberal Democrat are committed to raising Income Tax by 1p meet priorities in social care, reverse cuts in public health and invest in mental Health. A Liberal Democrat government would set up a cross-party commission to develop a sustainable long term plan for integrating and funding a healthcare service fit for Britain.

Together we can Stop Brexit, and Build a Brighter Future.

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