Newport Bus Cuts

Bus services across the city are being cut. Residents from all over Newport have been in touch with their concerns and how the cuts will limit their ability to get around, especially in the evenings when the most severe cuts are happening. Read more


Labour councillors were quick to try to take the credit when wire mesh appeared under the railway bridge in Chepstow Road.


Pity for them the job they are claiming as theirs is a botched job. Newport Council is making ready to do the job properly as a result of lengthy discussions with Lib Dem councillors over the last six years. The job Labour are so proud of only covers part of the bridge, letting pigeons in from the sides and increasing the space they have for roosting above the pavement. Lib Dem campaigner Mike Hamilton commented: “"There must be some red faces at Network Rail over this fiasco. How can they have got this so wrong? simple netting enclosing the area over the footpath, instead we have an overengineered solution, which just gives more space for pigeons over the pavement they are trying to protect. “The Labour councillors need to get their act together and stop blaming others.”

Newport Council will be hiring a contractor to do the job on this bridge. They expect work to start by the middle of September. They say the ends and sides will be sealed to keep pigeons out and protect passing pedestrians.

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