Newport Bus Cuts

Bus services across the city are being cut. Residents from all over Newport have been in touch with their concerns and how the cuts will limit their ability to get around, especially in the evenings when the most severe cuts are happening. Read more

10 years on and Lib Dem ‘scrap the tolls’ campaign wins backing from other parties

Liberal Democrats who have been campaigning to scrap the Severn bridge tolls for more than 10 years, have won surprise backing for their campaign from other political parties.

The latest convert to the Lib Dem cause is the UKIP leader Nigel Farage who has spotted a bandwagon crossing the bridge – and has jumped on it. Scrapping the tolls would save the Welsh economy around £107m a year. Like us, Farage wants the tolls scrapped.

Nice one, Nige.

But he wants to pay for the ongoing annual maintenance cost of the bridges with a one-off cut in cost of the new M4.

Not so bright, Nige.

One-off cuts don’t help cover the decades of maintenance costs. Welcome aboard the Lib Dem bandwagon, Nige – but come and see us before you spout. We’ll give you the correct facts.

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