Newport Bus Cuts

Bus services across the city are being cut. Residents from all over Newport have been in touch with their concerns and how the cuts will limit their ability to get around, especially in the evenings when the most severe cuts are happening. Read more

Labour's Election Sweetener


After years of cuts, Labour has just found £2.5m behind the sofa to spend on a local election sweetener.

Newport Lib Dem campaigner Tony Biaggi said: "This is so cynical and is about the needs of the Labour party rather than the needs of Newport.  We have had five years where street cleaning staff have been slashed, road repairs cut, libraries closed, services hived off and yet money has been found for a last minute enticement before an election."

"This has nothing to do with sound financial management.  The money has been found from cutting services and underpayments on council tax benefits and loans."

Lib Dem campaigner Jeff Evans said: "Finding the money behind the sofa is a one-off.  It can't be repeated unless further cuts to all important services are made.  It shows Labour has few ideas on improving our city."

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