Newport Bus Cuts

Bus services across the city are being cut. Residents from all over Newport have been in touch with their concerns and how the cuts will limit their ability to get around, especially in the evenings when the most severe cuts are happening. Read more


A decade on and Network Rail still shirking PIGEON DROPPINGS under the railway bridge in Chepstow Road are still a health and safety hazard, despite years of campaigning.


As a councillor, Lib Dem campaigner Mike Hamilton fought to get Network Rail to accept their responsibility for protecting people from the mess from pigeons roosting under the bridge. Time after time they have refused to do anything. Mike said: “Network Rail are legally responsible for the pigeons under their bridges, as proved in a legal judgement in 2000 from a case in Wandsworth. “However, they continually try to avoid their responsibilities. The situation is not helped by the lack of cleaning from Newport Council. The build-up of droppings under the bridges is disgusting. “We either have to embarrass Network Rail into action, or embarrass Newport City Council into taking legal action against them. Either way, we can’t carry on like this. It’s time for action.”

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